Aliens' Alcove! 2 BBS

Welcome to Aliens' Abode! BBS (aka aliens' alcove! 2)

aliens' alcove! was the only Bulletin Board System (BBS) in the Philippines running WWIV v4.20e, back in the early 1990s. It ran from 1992 until 1996. It was the only 24-hour home-based BBS in Metro Manila at the time and had a small community of regulars. It was part of the local FidoNet in the Philippines, and was briefly in FidoNet as node 6:759/20 and then 6:750/105.

This is my attempt to revive that BBS, with an Archive of old message bases with posts from that era. Most of the ANSI screens have not been updated, and will give you a feel of the original BBS from back in the day. Perhaps the only thing missing would be the sound of the modem gargling and hissing just as you connect.

It currently runs WWIV v5.2 on Linux.
The BBS also has new message subs/bases from WWIVnet, FidoNet, and fsxNet.

|#11732   Number1 #368              15:55 02/01 Nw              NW RSA           1
|#11733   Falcon #372               19:02 02/01 Bochum West Ger ?  EU            2
|#11734   Matrix #365               20:30 02/01 Minneapolis     MN USA          12
|#11735   Matrix #365               22:14 02/01 Minneapolis     MN USA          13
|#11736   Inertia #370              23:47 02/01 Los Angeles     CA USA           2
|#11737   Matrix #365               00:29 02/02 Minneapolis     MN USA           1
|#11738   Djjosh333 #373            01:40 02/02 Morinville, Ab  CA CA            1
|#11739   Matrix #365               02:05 02/02 Minneapolis     MN USA           2