Getting back in the saddle…

After a long drought, I am back to writing stuff for WWIV.

I did a little bit of Python coding here and there, with some updates to my old scripts written in Python 2 so that they will now work nicely in Python 3.

I finished my wwiv5ibbslastcall package, which consists of two Python scripts. The first one, which originally was named wwivibbslastcaller, is now The second, originally just ibbs-extract, is now ibbs-extract3. Both of these are now written in Python 3. is responsible for getting the user’s info from the BBS drop files, then posting to the appropriate SUB or ECHO with the caller’s info in rot47. This script is usually part of the LOGON command and can be added to WWIV.INI in the LOGON_CMD setting like this:


The other script, ibbs-extract3, reads in configuration settings from WWIV.INI, then proceeds to read message posts from the SUB or ECHO where IBBSLASTCALLER data is posted. It reads in data from the posts and writes out a laston.txt file for each network that it reads data from.

Here’s sample output of the package.

wwiv5ibbslastcall output showing InterBBS Last Callers for WWIVnet and fsxNet.

You can get the scripts from

Python Processing of WWIVnet Packets

I’ve started writing some Python functions that read in WWIVnet packets. So far, so good. I can read in basic WWIV Network packets, identify their headers and their payload. The python functions can handle multiple message packets, but currently don’t do anything besides displaying the network record header and the raw message payload. I haven’t written anything to handle short or mangled packets yet. I’m basically just writing code blocks to be able to process the network packets, perhaps manipulate them, write or rewrite network packets. The next step would be to actually process the payloads as well. For now, I probably need more sample packets, but where do I get any. Hmmm…